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How To Watch Hulu Outside America?


Hulu is movie and tv streaming application. It provides you some of the best movies, tv shows and small videos to watch on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Hulu currently is linked with many channels for example, The CW, Comedy central, ABC, Fox, NBC, MTV and Univision. These channels provide it with HD quality videos of their popular shows like The family Guy, Friends, The Vampire Diaries, Walking dead, Seinfeld, Empire, South park, CSI and Mindy project.

The only problem is that it is Geoblocked outside US means, the services are blocked in countries like Germany, Spain, France, Canada, Australia and many more. People use to use different ways to run Hulu and NetFlix outside US like changing of DNS or VPN etc. We recently checked out Tunlr, using which you can change your DNS and watch restricted sites in different countries and area.

NetFlix, Hulu and Pandora are the most famous websites on Tunlr unfortunately, NetFlix and Hulu are going to be removed from the site due to heavy traffic. So definitely we need to look for other options to stream videos from restricted websites.

Therefore, today we’ll be discussing the most easiest way to go through these sites without letting the developers know about it. We’ll not tell you to change your DNS or use VPN, etc. Let’s see what we’ve got!

Operated Hulu from restricted countries easily

Media Hint is an add on service for your browser which will easily enable you to stream stuff from Hulu and netflix.  It works different on various browsers like Firefox and Google chrome, so let’s see how to use it:-

Step 1 – Open media Hint homepage on your browser and click on “Start using”.

Step 2 – Depending on which web browser you’re using, the web browser will redirect you on either Chrome web browser or Firefox add on- centre.

Step 3 – Install the extension from the store.

Step 4 – Soon as the extension is downloaded, restart the browser. When you’ll open it again, there’ll be no difference to notice on the homepage.

Step 5 – But as you commence NetFlix or Hulu, you’ll see the difference. The banner of restricted services in your country would be gone.

Please note

We were curious to know that how exactly Media Hint helps in vanishing the restrictions from Hulu, but unfortunately we couldn’t find anything. As we dug in deep, Reddit had an answer to give. It said that Media Hint uses a Proxy to let you watch videos, movies and tv shows in restricted countries.

And the final verdict,

Media Hint is an excellent extensions to use on your device. But these extension cannot keep Hulu for longer duration. One day or the other the developers will find out the extension and block it. But till then you can enjoy its services and we’ll find another way to get your restricted services of NetFlix, Hulu and Pandora.

Showbox app is also a great alternative which you can use to watch free movies and tv shows. You can also download Showbox For PC to enjoy in your computer