How To Run FaceTime For Chrome

How To Run FaceTime For Chrome

Facetime is an application for video calls, developed by Apple Inc. The app is very much popular amongst the iPhone users, especially because of it’s efficiency. However, it is only available for selected mobile devices that runs on Apple’s own iOS. And in this article I will tell you how to run FaceTime for Chrome.

The Chrome web browser is one of the most popular web browsers of the world, at present. It is something that is actually known by almost all the people across the globe. It is also one of the most preferred web browsers till date, due to its efficiency and ease in using.

About FaceTime

FaceTime is an iOS device that works only on some selected devices, therefore the version for chrome has not been announced as yet. The app is actually meant for iOs devices and has no other ways to be run on any other platforms rather than iOS.

Features of FaceTime App

The FaceTime app sure does have a lot of cool and awesome features. Here are the features listed below.

  • Apple’s FaceTime is one of the coolest video and audio calling tools. So, it ensures that you stay connected to your loved ones and other contacts.
  • Blocking all the unwanted calls for eternity, is yet another good thing about this app. The user won’t be able to reach you unless you unblock them.
  • FaceTime is a pre-installed app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and that is the main reason, that it is incompatible in other devices or platforms respectively.
  • High Definition Videos of excellent quality enables the users to keep in touch with each other and see each other through the phone even when they are far away from each other.
  • FaceTime app requires cellular data or Wi-Fi connectivity, otherwise it won’t work in any possible ways.
  • It becomes very easy for the FaceTime users to answer or make calls, as it is one of the most handy apps that Apple devices have.

How to Use FaceTime App with your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad?

Using the FaceTime App is very easy. All you have to do is tap on the FaceTime App icon which comes pre-installed in your iPhone. To turn on the app, go to your phone settings and enable FaceTime. Your phone numbers will be registered automatically within the app and you will need to register your email id. Also, you can use your Apple ID to sign in.

How to make a call with FaceTime App?

Making a call with FaceTime is also very easy, the only thing required is the person’s phone number and registered e-mail address. Just enter the e-mail address or phone number, and then click on the audio or video icon. If the person’s phone number has been already saved in your contact list then just simply tap the name and start calling.

How to download FaceTime for Chrome


Facetime for PC

FaceTime is not available for Chrome as yet.

FaceTime indeed is one of the most fun apps in the world today. The app certainly helps get along with your gang in a much better way. It actually enhances the whole video chatting experience in a better way. However, it is still a sad thing that it is not yet available for any other platforms as yet, but we can expect it to be available in the near future.